Digital Office

  • Facial recognition.
  • Biometric Identification of ID cards and other documents.
  • Comparison of a photo on a document and a photo of a person.
  • Complete scoring by obtaining data from the First Credit Bureau, National Credit Bureau, and other databases.
  • MRZ Reading data from the document.
  • Scoring using phone number.
  • UV document scanning.
  • Based on the data - making a decision to provide credit or debit cards in a few minutes.
  • Built-in embossing machine - Ability to issue personalized plastic credit or debit cards to the client.
  • Possibility to read QR codes. Dispensing money by QR, transfers and other operations.
  • Fingerprint reader - Not only verification, you can also receive or transfer money via fingerprint.
  • Direct synchronization with the fiscal data operator