What is Prooface?

Prooface is Sumsub’s in-house liveness technology which easily detects spoofing attempts while authenticating real users in seconds.

The system ensures that users are physically present by creating a 3D FaceMap which is continuously referenced for authorizing their actions going forward (transactions, logins, etc).

98.8% accuracy AI-powered facial recognition

We run a trusted solution to separate 3D images from real humans, Liveness detection allows scaling without compromising security.

Paper Masks
Digital images and 2D pictures
Wax Figures and Realistic Dolls
Silicone and Hollywood Masks
3D Projection and 3D Heads
Animated Videos and Photos

Areas of application

  • Money lending
  • Betting
  • Exchange
  • Crypto
  • Payments
  • Investment
  • Financial services
  • Shared economy
  • Goverment
  • Health

Benefits of working with Biometric

  • 1
    Технологии биометрии соответствуют требованиям законодательства РК
  • 2
    Техподдержка и обучение бесплатно
  • 3
    Оплата только за успешные транзакции
  • 4
    Быстрая установка и подключение
  • 5
    Лучшая цена в РК
  • 6
    Первая неделя бесплатно
  • 7
    Нет предоплат
  • 8
    Индивидуальные цены для крупных заказчиков

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